What Did You Know About Coffee Extraction?

Extraction occurs every time you brew coffee. When coffee meets water, it takes on the aroma, taste and other substances that you enjoy in a coffee cup. In other words, the drink inside the cup is coffee bean extract. When you go to buy coffee beans, it can be good for you to also know the extraction process of the coffee so that you know more about coffee. What did you know about the coffee brewing process https://www.goodlifecoffee.com/?

When brewing coffee, there are several parameters that you must control so that you can get the ideal extraction. If you feel the coffee is not ideal, there are two things that might happen: under-extraction or over-extraction. What does it mean?

Under-extraction is a term used to explain that too little coffee juice has been extracted. Conversely, over-extraction occurs because too much extracted coffee juice includes components that make the coffee taste too bitter and not delicious. So, in making coffee the goal is to find balance; the extraction is not too low and not too high. To achieve extraction that is ideal when brewing coffee at home, there are at least 3 things you should pay attention to:

1. Milling size
2. The ratio of coffee and water
3. Water temperature

To find out whether your coffee is ideal or not, the taste buds are experts. If the coffee is bitter and the mouth feels dry after drinking the coffee, then you are over-extracted. If the coffee is too acidic and sour (the acid here means sour), there are less sweet elements, and it feels quickly lost in the mouth, so your coffee means it’s still under-extracted. Ideally, coffee should have a sweet taste like ripe fruit, acidity that makes it taste complex, and a touch of certain flavors that you can find.

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