English Can Help You In Traveling And Writing Diary

Of course, you will agree with this one. When traveling, you explore new things. Track exciting places that are not yet known. Chuckling in amazement are things that are usually revealed by a traveler after arriving at their destination. Not limited to being a connoisseur, they happily try new things. Unusual food will be a challenge for the tongue. Other challenging activities will be unforgettable holiday gifts. That’s why they travel: to explore new things. In the meantime, try the b1 test booking if you want to get the UK visa soon.

Now, what is the connection with learning a foreign language? Calm down, calm down. We will discuss now. When learning a new language there are various exciting things that can be explored further. Remember, English is a new language aka foreign. Yes, this language brings you to explore things that are different from your mother tongue. Everything is really different. From the spelling alphabet, names of objects, colors, adjectives, grammar, and much more.

Whether you believe it or not, many people give up quickly because the material is too foreign (they usually call it “difficult”). Even though the material is foreign, not difficult. The name is a foreign language, of course the material is not the same as mother tongue. They think it is difficult because they do not understand and are not ready for adventure tracking new things that are more exciting. Well, how about you?

In addition, a notebook is one tool that can help you document a trip. Ever watched a Narnia film, titled The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader? Eustace, the cousin of Lucy and Edmund, is caught up in an unexpected fantasy journey in the world of Narnia. Luckily he brought a notebook, so he didn’t feel alone. The boy with a thick British accent recorded every incident by writing in a diary.

All travelers do it. Although not all carry diaries everywhere. They recorded it with a different tool. There are those who capture every moment with a camera, there are also those who make recordings that are immediately uploaded on social media. This is proof that they have left. And it will become a device when he remembers it again.

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