Custom Fitting For Golf Clubs

If you want good playing, the golf club we use must be made or adjusted to our individual character, said world golf champion, Sergio Garcia golf savers. Custom Fitting is one of the effective ways to improve the quality of our game, that is by making club adjustments that we use to really fit our characters such as speed swing, height, aggressive playing style or safety etc. Meanwhile, you may also want to check out bangkok golf course to find a good place to play golf in Thailand.

Basically, Custom Fitting is the process of analyzing a golfer’s swing so he can find out which golf club is suitable for him. What needs to be considered in the process of fittings are:

Swing Speed

You need to know first Swing Speed or speed of our swing when impact by using drivers or iron, this is needed to find the right flex Shaft, Swing speed measurement is done by installing a speed monitor tool in front of the ball that we will hit.

The table for American-made shafts is stiffer than Japanese-made shafts, so pay attention to which shafts are made

Generally, many people swing speeds range from 70-110 Mph, although there are also more. From the Driver Swing Speed Chart table, those who swing speed are between 82-94 Mph then you should choose a Regular shaft, swing speed 94-106 Mph is better to use a Stift Shaft (S), swing speed is 66-82 Mph using shaft A (Average / Senior), swing speed 45-66 Mph is more suitable with L / LL shafts (Lite or double Lite / generally lady).


Is your tempo swing fast or slow? Can affect shaft characters called Torque (rotation or twisting)

The shape of the torque on the shaft can also affect the shaft.
For professional golfers, the flex shaft used tends to be stiff, the torque gets smaller. While amateur golfers, with flexible shafts, the torque gets bigger.

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